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Optimize your agile teams

In agile teams, people have to switch a lot and achieve immediate results with colleagues they often do not know. That does not always run smoothly.

In a long-term project it takes 2 to 9 months before you know how everyone works. Even in short occasional teams, inefficient collaboration takes time and energy. Miscommunication, delays, clashes between people - you don't want that.

BreinStijl helps you speed up. A valid tool that understands your new way of working: an online platform witth profiles of all of your colleagues, and tracks, tools, and tips to make the most of your different work styles.

Your brainstyle is your 'work style'. Style matters. Because your work style determines how you - and your colleagues - express your competence and skills. Indispensable to know about each other at work. And - this is unique: BreinStijl @ Work is the only "profile" in line with neuropsychology and thinking systems. What we measure is true. 95% of people recognize themselves in the results and want to get started right away.

Teaming as a skill

We believe in teams, but even more in teaming: the effective behavior that brings everyone on the team together to great results.

You learn teaming for yourself and take it with you to all your teams and projects. They are therefore also becoming increasingly effective. That is good use of your energy and your budget.

We make collaboration easy - all information, tips and tools are online. Are you stuck in a meeting? Quickly find the Handout Effective Meetings. Do you have a presentation tomorrow? With our Better Presentations tool you effortlessly captivate all styles in your audience.
We will send you emails full of inspiration and tips - of course only if you want to.

BrainStyle. Practical solutions. For your work, at the moments that matter.

Tailoring roles

You know the natural strength of all your team members. You can easily divide roles and tasks. You quickly choose the right people for new projects.

Harnessing diversity

You understand your colleagues better, and they understand you. You appreciate differences and use them in a positive way. You complement each other and empower each other, even when there is stress.

Happier at work

You create a safe workplace, where every style is appreciated. That brings out the best in people. They feel happier, take more risks, and cope with change more easily.

The enthousiasm of our clients

For over 15 jaar teams perform better with BreinStijl. With BreinStijl Online every employee can create (project) team compositions, predict teamroles and risks of each composition, and receive tips for more team effectiveness, fun challenges, and activities. Optimise your own leadership, and let your organisation thrive.

BreinStijl Online

The online platform that helps your organisation grow and change -
by accelerating your time-to-productivity.

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Where you gain more insight into yourself and your qualities. View your own profile and read all characteristics in thinking, communication, creativity, energy, and stress. Develop yourself with our interactive tools and sound advice.

Team Page thumbnail

All of your team members together on one page. Discover which qualities you have or lack in a project. Control predicted risks of any team composition. View and compare the brainstyles of colleagues. Strengthen your teams with our powerful tools.

Company Page thumbnail

One page with all of your colleagues, with a wealth of information. Compose cross-team project teams, strengthen projects, and view the diversity of thinking styles in your organisation.

Coaching for Teaming

Make your team the Best Team Ever - with our combination of (online) coaching, webinars, inspiration emails and training. Insights of diversity of qualities and changes in behavior. Continuous improvement, in leadership and team performance - that's teaming with BreinStijl.

1 | Optimise your team performance

Quick scan of your (project) team: which styles are present and which do you miss? What is the effect? Manage predicted risks of this team composition with to-do's in the interactive Snapshot. Build trust together and get the most out of your team.

2 | Effective Communications

Differences in communication styles are the biggest cause of problems (The Economist, 2018). Learn to communicate more effectively with colleagues with a different style. Keep the energy in your (online) meetings high with our handy tools. Give feedback more easily. An interactive workshop or webinar with lots of aha's.

3 | Working together

How effective is your team? Take the Team Scan. Improve your team performance with our actionable tooling. Boost your retros and project evaluations. Watch your team grow. Deeper trust, positive learning, better cooperation.

About [email protected]

[email protected] is the SaaS and network organization of Sandra Minnee, a passionate entrepreneur who is always looking at how things can be made better for you.

A network of coaches and HR-consultants inspires teams on a daily basis. Our consultancy and online materials are available in English, and other languages are easily added.

Our knowledge and experience is published in a book - currently only available in Dutch - packed with practical tips for yourself and your team, your leadership, and how to get the best out of an innovation process.

Answers to your question

Here we answer frequently asked questions. Is yours not listed? Please contact us!

Yes you can. Your people have direct access to their information and tools.
Our users say we are clear, practical and to-the-point. We offer concrete solutions to problems. We love co-creation. We are fast, easy, and accessible. 95% of our users recognize themselves in our insights - and want to get started right away.
You have a choice to share your profile with colleagues. If you do, you can view each others' styles in your own online dashboard. You can find this information on the specially designed Team and Company pages. And if you often collaborate with colleagues on a project, you can easily create project teams with them.
Yes. BreinStijl Online is an online platform with unique, self-developed software. Our software measures the brainstyles, puts together teams and lets everyone share the insights with each other, so that they are used. We develop online tools and e-learning tracks so that people can develop themselves whenever they want.
Yes and no.
Yes, because we introduced a so-called disruptive innovation that has proven itself and the start-up phase is already over. Large and medium-sized organizations are already using the platform and we have only just started.

No, because the [email protected] method has existed for over 15 years, and renowned companies have been working with it for years. We have a network of (team) coaches who apply the method and several thousands of brainstyles have been determined.
Your brainstyle is your preferred strategy for thinking and acting: it reflects how you prefer to think and act. It is not competence, skill or talent, but a style that influences how you filter information and how you use your competence and skills. That is why this is important and useful to know about each other at work.

A brainstyle is a neural network - connections of nerve cells in the brain - that is partly hereditary, and partly acquired. If you don't do anything, your preference won't change anytime soon; if you want to cultivate new preferences, you can do that with the tips we give (you have to persist to anchor them).

We display your mix of preferences in your BrainStyleProfile, see the image on the site. We call your highest preference your BrainStyle and the report describes this in 8 areas: thinking / acting, planning, deciding, communicating, energy, dealing with stress, learning, and pitfalls & solutions.
Yes. BreinStijl is not "just another test". It is the only profiler that is consistent with scientific research into thought systems and the brain (including Kahnemann, Norris & Epstein). We are very proud of that. The instrument is right, and it shows. It is validated and reliable, we take that for granted! But we think a good instrument is just the beginning. With knowledge about how the brain works, we build practical tools that work, among other things.
We want to make diversity in organizations easy, optimal and sustainable for everyone. So that everyone is appreciated for the style he / she has. We believe in respect and appreciation for difference - because it makes people happier, and organizations more successful: people have more energy, put in more, take more risks and feel safer.

We also know that as human beings we naturally don't like difference - we think everyone is like us, and we believe that everyone should be like us. Usually we find out the hard way that this is not the case: miscommunication, irritation and clashes between people are the result. We want to help people to know and appreciate difference. And that in a sustainable way. Everyone knows the problem of "the fun workshop with the colors" and after that we do nothing in practice with the insights in each other. We think that is a shame. That's why we have an online platform with tips and tools and 100 other ideas!

We are constantly looking for new ways to serve you better, to allow your team or organization to collaborate and communicate even better. Do you want to think along with us? Gladly! Give us your comments at [email protected]
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